REMS Magnum RG

Roll grooving machine

REMS Magnum RG
Robust, compact high performance machine with roll grooving attachment for grooving pipes of pipe coupling systems. For installation, sprinkler lines, commercial heating, industry and mining. For job site and workshop.

Steel pipes DN 25–300 1–12", s up to 7 mm. Stainless steel pipes, copper, aluminium, PVC pipes. Pipe threads 1/16–2", 16–63 mm, Bolt threads 6–60 mm, 1/4–2", with conversion kit.

REMS Magnum RG – the compact up to 12".

Operating instructions

Instruction manual REMS Magnum/Tornado
Instruction manual Roll grooving attachment

Parts lists

Parts list REMS Tornado-Magnum
Parts list REMS Roll grooving attach.


REMS Magnum 2000 RG-T

Art. no. 340230 R220
 <br/>REMS Magnum 2000 RG-T

REMS Magnum 2010 RG-T

Art. no. 340231 R220
 <br/>REMS Magnum 2010 RG-T

REMS Magnum 2010 RG

Art. no. 340231 R220S
 <br/>REMS Magnum 2010 RG

REMS Magnum 2020 RG-T

Art. no. 340232 R380
 <br/>REMS Magnum 2020 RG-T


 <br/>Conversion kit Magnum RG-T to

Accessories: REMS Herkules

Accessories: REMS roll grooving attachment

 <br/>Groove rollers 1-1 1/2
 <br/>Groove rol. INOX 1-1 1/2
 <br/>Groove rollers 2-6
 <br/>Groove rol. INOX 2-6
 <br/>Groove rollers 8-12 <br/>Groove rollers 8-12
 <br/>Groove rol. INOX 8-12